General Partner

Gwen Griggs

As Managing Director of ADVOS Strategy and Law, Gwen Griggs offers invaluable expertise to FIC with experience in both law and businesses having had roles in several C-Suite level positions in law, administration, development and strategy, leading acquisitions, day-to-day legal operations, and financial restructuring. Her passion for fostering growth-stage companies has led her to serve as the founding chair of the Jacksonville Women's Business Center and spearhead the local chapter of GrowFL, a statewide organization supporting second-stage businesses. Gwen's extensive network and strategic acumen make her a vital asset to FIC, where she sees the opportunity to drive innovation, create jobs, and leave a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape. She also serves as co-general counsel along with her law partner, Whitney Harper, which allows FIC to not only properly review and structure its deals, but ensure that FIC is always prepared for any legal or entrepreneurial issues that arise.