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Florida Innovation Capital is a private equity fund that empowers visionaries with the capital, network, and guidance needed to drive innovation in Florida and beyond.


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Empowering Visionaries

We invest in visionary founders who drive economic growth and innovation. Beyond capital, we provide a supportive network of professionals and global connections to help you thrive. Our leadership emphasizes open communication and collaboration, valuing diverse perspectives for your company's success.

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Driving Innovation

FIC's strategic investments draw from decades of diverse industry experience. Our wide-reaching search for innovative ideas focuses on those with market-ready potential, supported by solid evidence.

Our investments transcend sectors and growth stages, thanks to our team's extensive experience across various fields. This expertise allows us to seize groundbreaking opportunities and diversify your portfolio for economic growth.

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Focus Area

Our Florida Focus:
From Local Roots to Global Reach

While Florida is in our DNA - we explore beyond the borders of our great state to seek out investment opportunities from around the world. Over the past few decades, Florida has grown a robust, collaborative network of inventors and investors, who are seeking each other out. FIC is now connecting that innovation ecosystem with our strong relationships and resources nationally and globally.

Our investment thesis utilizes our Florida-based, international network to seek out innovative startups and later-stage companies. The entrepreneurs we invest in vary from a broad range of sectors, fostering growth in their business models and continuing the tradition of the historic inventors who first defined Florida as an epicenter of innovation.

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