FIC is committed to strategically investing in the most promising startups. With decades of experience across diverse industries, our team has the expertise to cast a wider net for great ideas than most industry-focused funds. With an industry-agnostic approach, thanks to our team's decades of experience across a broad spectrum of fields, we can identify and engage with companies from diverse sectors and stages of growth

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At FIC, we value the diversity of expertise and experiences among our investors. We invite passionate individuals who share our commitment to nurturing early-stage ventures and contributing to the growth of world-class companies alongside visionary entrepreneurs to become part of our group.

Accredited Investor Requirement

To join our network, investors must meet SEC accreditation standards, ensuring a shared commitment to excellence and a strong foundation for collaboration.

Minimum Investment of $150k

Investors can start their journey with a minimum investment of $150,000. Your capital is strategically deployed through our fund, where we oversee the investment process, aligning it with our mission and values for lasting impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does FIC evaluate potential investments?
FIC has a rigorous evaluation process that includes input from our Advisory Group of subject-matter experts. They assess investments for feasibility, intellectual integrity, economic potential, and execution capabilities. This thorough evaluation helps us select investments with a strong foundation for success. Additionally, we actively engage with potential portfolio companies to understand their unique challenges and opportunities before making investment decisions.
What does FIC's investment strategy involve?
FIC seeks opportunities in a wide range of sectors, including early-stage startups and mature companies. Our cross-industry approach allows us to identify unique opportunities that might not be on the radar of other investment firms. We're committed to adding value beyond capital, and we may invest in pre-revenue or post-revenue companies, assisting them in establishing go-to-market strategies.
In what ways does FIC deploy its investments?
FIC employs a flexible investment approach, which can include leading funding rounds, making minority direct investments, or exploring sidecar opportunities with trusted partners. Our investments typically take the form of equity, including direct equity and convertible notes. Additionally, we may consider investments designed to generate consistent dividend streams. We actively engage with our portfolio companies and often secure seats on their boards to contribute to their growth and success.
What is the role of FIC's Advisory Group?
FIC's Advisory Group consists of experts from various fields who play a crucial role in reviewing investment opportunities. They assess feasibility, intellectual integrity, economic potential, and execution capabilities. This specialized review process ensures that FIC's capital deployment maximizes the chances of success.
What is FIC's approach to managing risk in its investments?
FIC takes a proactive approach to manage risk in its investments. We carefully evaluate each opportunity through our Advisory Group's expertise and conduct rigorous due diligence. By actively engaging with portfolio companies, offering guidance, and leveraging our network, we work to mitigate potential risks. Our goal is to maximize the potential for success while minimizing risks for our investors and portfolio companies.

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