Technical Advisory Board Member

Jennifer Languell, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Languell, a renowned figure in sustainable construction and green building principles, brings over 15 years of expertise to the FIC advisory board. As the Founder and President of Trifecta Construction Solutions, she has passionately championed sustainability and consulted with various industries on integrating eco-friendly practices. Holding a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and Sustainable Construction, her track record includes award-winning projects and advisory roles for governments and municipalities transitioning to more sustainable practices. Jen’s commitment to creating healthier, eco-conscious projects aligns perfectly with FIC's mission to foster innovation and environmental sustainability. As one of this country’s preeminent sustainability consultants, she is called upon by leading builders and developers to help them develop strategies to create healthier, more efficient, and sustainable projects. Her work has included the creation of award-winning single-family and multi-family residential homes, commercial projects, and some of the largest and most sustainable land developments in the world. She has also become a trusted consultant to governments and municipalities that are rapidly moving toward more sustainable and fiscally prudent operating and management practices.