Technical Advisory Board Member

Amelia Dempere, PhD

Luisa Amelia Dempere, PhD is a prominent figure within the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida, serving as a faculty member and director of the Research Service Centers (RSC). Her academic journey includes the attainment of an M.S. and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at UF, where she emerged as a distinguished expert in the field. Dr. Dempere's commitment to excellence extends beyond academia, as exemplified by her leadership in managing a significant research center with a dedicated team and substantial budget. Her passion for technology start-ups, innovation, and professional development resonates with FIC's mission to foster entrepreneurial success and drive innovation. Dr. Dempere's extensive experience and commitment to advancing STEM research and administration align seamlessly with the venture capital landscape, making her an invaluable asset in the pursuit of transformative growth and innovation.